Our Promise of Quality

   At Soil vibes I aim to only ship healthy plants and viable seeds. We are very careful with packing and handling our plants and products. I understand that purchasing online limits your ability to see the product before checkout. I guarantee that any plant leaving is of the finest quality. If you are not satisfied upon delivery Please email me so that I can help correct the situation. I will thoroughly review your concerns and may ask for pictures to be emailed. I may provide you with a one-time replacement. Replacement plant shipping cost is at the customer’s expense.

    Some Plants are subject to transplant shock and will just need time to completely recover.

As with all living plants, each requires care and proper nutrients to acclimate to their new environments. Time and your patience are also essential needs for plants to successfully transition to their new surroundings. Neglect, poor watering schedules, or purchasing a plant outside your growing zone are not included with this guarantee. The customer is responsible for choosing a plant suitable for the climate in which it will be grown.

Shipping schedule

Due to shipping delays with our shipping partners, packages will ship on a fixed schedule. In order to help aid your plant with a healthy arrival, shipping will only take place on Monday's and Tuesday's until further notice. Please order accordingly. Rush orders please contact me @info.soilvibes@gmail.com

Thief/Loss of mail 

 Soil vibes is not responsible for theft or lost of packages. We understand how extremely frustrating this can be for our customers. We ask for you to contact your local delivery provider for assistance. If there is no resolution contact us as soon as possible so we may investigate. If items can not be located timely and/or plants are retrieved but arrive not lively we will provide a store credit of your purchase amount.

 Shipping fees are NON REFUNDABLE


Out Of Stock Items

Due to Soil Vibes been ran single handed by me, Customers may purchase items before inventory stock can get adjusted. I do my best to keep everything up to date but there are some that slip thru. I thank you for your understanding, if i contact you and inform you something is out of stock. I appreciate your patience and hope to add help in the near future.